Mar 08 2016
"We travel not escape life, but we travel to feel and to enjoy life."

I guess that's one of the many reasons why I enjoy travelling. If only travelling doesn't cost much perhaps I've been touring around the world now. hahaha! 😁

It was planned early January that me and my husband will accompany my in-laws in there business conference which was held in Osaka Japan. It was known to them that my husband's probably dream country to visit was Japan. Since they knew this fact, we were the ones they invited to come with them and this was also a treat for us for doing our job for the last 2 months of the year. This really sounded music to our ears! Of course, we agreed. :)

First thing I did was to research on acquiring a visa. I was the one in-charge in preparing our visa application since all of us were first time travellers in that Land of the Morning Sun. I found it a little bit to detailed but it was obviously because of Japan's strict policies. I have carefully read and followed significant tips for us to be likely had our visas approved. I read that there are no guarantess whether you'll apply your visa in their accredited travel agencies since they weren't allowing personal visa application in their embassy.

So to cut the very long visa application do's and dont's, we submitted ours in Friendship Travels and Tours on Makati. We waited for I think 3 days, and they immediately called me that our Visas are already ready for pick up. I was a bit amazed that it only took us 3 days for waiting and the one who called me disclosed that our application has been approved contrary to most of the blog reviews I read stating that we would wait for a week and our waiting will be full of wondering as to our applications' status was denied or approved.

This is it! Japan Visa approved, flight tickets purchased via Cebu Pacific's promo and thus we flew to Japan. Yey!

So, we departed from Philippines at around 3pm and landed to Kansai International Airport at around 9pm. Their airport is nice and 'twas cold.. After immigration which really amazed me for their speed and their strict polices because they took our photos as screening as proof of our identities. It was so amazing! 👌🏼

We went walking to find the AREX train station for us to buy tickets. I observed some people buying it through ticket machines but since we are heading for Osaka and was about to ride an airport express train, we bought tickets from their ticket booths.. We bought tickets with reserved seats so that we can sit comfortably because my in-laws' would have been exhausted so that was my choice of train instead of the other one..

So here's our very first hours in Japan. 😁

As soon as we checked in, I took videos of our room which was very typical of Japanese' minimilastic side. We had 2 different rooms close enough for us (2 couples). It has a good spot of viewing the city with a traditional tatami floor (it's like a woven kind of thing locally called "banig" in our language) which acted as a heating element since winter is really cold there. :)

We did rest and although it's approaching 12mn we chose to at least explore the nearby area in the hotel. We have Dotonburi, where we got to see their kind of relaxation (beer drinking and girls) 😉


Mar 09 2016

Today, we are about to use Japan's subway system as we head to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan in Minato. We went there despite of the rainy weather and the cold temperature of the place. brrrr! (I just worried about my in-laws since they might be feeling really cold)

"To travel is to Eat."
- Michelle Shappirio

As soon as we got off from the subway, we tried to look for restaurant near Osaka Aquarium. Fortunately, there's this humble restaurant not far from the station. It served us well as we waited the rain to at least weaken so that we can resume our walk towards Osaka Kaiyukan.

We felt full. We walked against the cold weather, then we reached Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. yey! Finally! Osaka Kaiyukan is the World's largest aquarium, bet we're gonna make our eyes full by these ocean wonders. 👌🏼


Mar 10 2016

We plan to go to Tokyo that's why we check the forecasted weather only to find out that the place was a bit rainy so we will pursue with the original plan of going to Nara Park

The main reason of our Osaka travel was business. We are now heading to Hilton Osaka for Chowking's Franchisees Convention.

Part of the Franchisees' convention is the shop tour in Japan's famous Steam Bun known as the 551 Horai! (It is the same steam bun we bought right after we got off from the train. It was really delicious!)

I noticed that they're using a paper thin bamboo instead of an actual paper to line the bottom of steam buns which may help to cook the buns in a natural way with the hint of the wooden bamboo sheets. :) The filling was I guess made of raddish, and some meat extenders but definitely soo nice to eat even without the sauce.

Nearby 551 Horai is a flower shop to which I ask the sales lady if they happen to sell a Cherry Blossom plant which she says they have some flower on display. :) I am eagerly finding a Cherry Blossom tree. 😁

My mother-in-law and I chose not to go in the evening program of the said convention. We only rested in the hotel and chose to kill our time by walking along Dotonburi, again we found this 551 Horai which happen to have its restaurant. So, we dine. 😋👌🏼

"Everybody deserves serenity once in a while. If you ask where it is, try travelling."
-Faye Cunanan

Our Nara Park Tour will be blogged in my next entry. 👌🏼

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